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Trerice Pressure Gauges, Temperature Instrumentation, Control Valves


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Temperature Instrumentation, Pressure Gauges, Regulators & Control Valves Pneumatic Actuators, Self-Ops, Pressure Transmitter, Plumbing Products

About H. O. Trerice Company: Established in 1923, TRERICE has produced a complete line of the highest quality temperature and pressure instrumentation and controls for the various industries it serves. Trerice's track record of engineering and manufacturing excellence has provided us with an internationally recognized reputation for performance in service and product.

HO Trerice Products

      Pressure Gauges

Spec & Tech Sheets       

Process Gauges

Industrial Gauges

Commercial &
Contractor Gauges

Utility Gauges

450 Series and 750 Series Process Gauge Trerice 500X Series, 700 Series,
D80 Series Industrial Gauges Trerice 600CB, 610CB, 620B, 690 Series Commercial & Contractor Gauges Trerice 800B Series, 800LFB Utility Gauge
450 Series & 750 Series 500X Series, 700 Series,
D80 Series
600CB, 610CB, 620B, 690 Series 800B Series, 800LFB, Gas or Water Service Test Gauges
 New:   575SS & 875LFB

Specialty Gauges

Pressure Gauge
Options & Accessories

Diaphragm Seals


Trerice 760B, 765B, 766SS, 750 Series, 700TA, 700Plus, 703SS Specialty Gauge Optional Features & Accessories
Trerice Diaphragm Seals

760B, 765B / 766SS, 750 Series, 700TA, 700Plus, and Special Application Ranges Accessories,
Optional Features,
Optional Case Styles
Threaded NPT, Flange-Mounted, In-Line Threaded, Saddle-Welded, Drop-In Welded, Mini & Compact, Sanitary, Options & Accessories

      Pressure Transmitter

Spec & Tech Sheets       


Industrial Pressure Transmitter, Model 220TST

Configurations & Dimensions

Trerice Pressure Transmitter
  • Ranges from 30" Hg to 0 thru 0 to 20,000 psi
  • 4-20mA and 0-10Vdc Standard Industrial Output Signals
  • Fully welded "Dry Measuring Cell", requires no internal transmission fluid or seals
  • 17-4 PH stainless steel wetted parts
  • 304 stainless steel body
  • Industry standard electrical connections including DIN 175301-803A, C and Shielded Cable
  • Highly flexible modular design
  • Protection Class IP65/NEMA 4X (Shielded Cable Connection IP67/NEMA 6

The TRERICE 220TST Pressure Transmitter is the ideal choice for demanding industrial, test & measurement and process control applications. Thanks to the stainless steel/thin-film sensor element being directly welded to the process connection, the 220TST requires no internal transmission media or seals insuring a high degree of reliability and stability. Stainless steel wetted parts provide long-term durability even in the harshest environments.

In addition, the modular design of the 220TST Pressure Transmitter allows for a wide variety of electrical connections, output signals and process connections to be specified to meet the requirements of any application.


      Temperature Instrumentation

Spec & Tech Sheets       

Industrial Thermometers


Dial Thermometers

Bimetal Thermometers

Electronic Temperature Sensors

Trerice Industrial Thermometers Trerice Thermowells Trerice Dial Thermometers
Trerice Bimetal Thermometers

SX9 Solar Therm, Adjustable Angle, Rigid Stem, BX Plus, Hydro-Therm, Econo-Therm, Options & Accessories, Thermowells For: Industrial Thermometers, Econo Thermo-meters, Dial Thermometers, Bimetals, Thermo-couples, and RTDs Remote Mounted, Direct Mounted, Thermal System Selection, Temperature Ranges, Options & Accessories, Thermowells Adjustable Angle, Bottom Connect, Rear Connect, X-Series, Compact, Pocket, Bimetal Plus, Options & Accessories, Tridicator, Thermowells RTD & Thermo-couple Sensors, Options & Accessories, Digital Temperature Indicator, Indicator Selector Switch, Thermowells

      Regulators & Control Valves

Spec & Tech Sheets       


Temperature Regulators
The "Self-Op"

Pressure Regulators


Controller Accessories

Trerice Self Op Temp Regulator Pressure Regulators 921, 988, 1002, 1100 Series
Trerice Controllers TR890 & L84000 Series
Trerice Controller Accessories
91000 Series
91000 XT Series
921 Series, 988 Series,
1002 Series, 1100 Series

 New:   995 Series
TR890 Series,
L84000 Series
960 Series, TA901, TA987, TA600, TA302, Sensors & Thermowells

Control Valves - Pneumatic and Electric Actuators

Control Valve

Control Valve

Electric Motor
Control Valve


Trerice Compact Pneumatic Actuator Trerice Heavy Duty Control Valve 940B Trerice Electric Motor Control Valve

910 Series 940 Series 940E Series



        Trerice Plumbing Products

Spec & Tech Sheets       

Trerice Commercial and Residential Plumbing Products Trerice products are ideally suited for the commercial and residential plumbing markets. Trerice Tridicators measure both temperature and pressure in hot water boilers. Gas and Water Test Gauges are important tools for passing building inspections. Low Pressure Gauges accurately measure pressures of 10 psi or less in applications such as natural gas. Trerice 800B Utility Gauges and Hydro-Therms are essential to plumbing contractors, providing excellent pressure and temperature measurement at an economical cost.

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